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Flowmix offer a range of pump-applied, free flowing floor screeds and concrete, in addition to providing a mobile batching service.  Designed to deliver a smooth level surface in both commercial and domestic buildings prior to the application of floor finishes, FM Screed can be used bonded, unbonded or floating. After pouring, FM Screed products can generally receive foot traffic within 24 to 48a hours.

We can supply ready-mixed concrete to projects of all sizes, tailored to your exact requirements.

Flowmix Gypsum screed products are environmentally friendly and are typically made up of 39% recycled content. Our main product-liquid screed uses a binder which is 98% recycled.

All products comply with accredited quality assurance schemes and meet the relevant British and/or European standards.

FM Screed ECO®

As a free flowing and self-compacting screed, ECO® Screed is the most versatile of the range, compatible with most acoustic and thermal insulations. It is also environmentally friendly, typically with 36% recycled content. There is no need for reinforcement or a curing membrane and ECO® Screed can be installed at up to 200m2 per hour.

This is an environmentally friendly screed, with a synthetic calcium sulphate (gypsum) binder with over 36% recycled content and the ability to recycle 100% at the end of the building’s life.


Screed created using EXCELIO® technology, FM Screed Excelio is the ultra-thin flowing screed solution. It has been developed specifically for thin floor construction, bridging the gap between self-smoothing compounds and bonded screeds. It is the only factory manufactured screed that can be applied at just 12mm, which eliminates the need for multiple coat applications and on-site manufacture, delivering considerable per square meter cost savings.


FM Screed Thermio is the guaranteed ultra efficient screed for underfloor heating. THERMIO®+ technology screed enables a much faster rise in temperature thanks to its high thermal diffusivity (up to +80% compared to a cement screed), providing quicker response to thermostat changes and up to 8% savings on heating bills.

FM Screed XTR

The strongest screed for the most demanding situations, FM Screed XTR is a blend of binder, special additives and selected aggregates mixed with clean potable water to produce a pumpable self-smoothing, flowing screed (manufactured to BSEN 13813:2002). This product is designed to provide a smooth level surface in both commercial and domestic buildings where higher than usual loadings are expected, prior to the application of final floor finishes.

Mobile Batching

Flowmix operates a TransMix mobile screed batching plant which can be taken anywhere in the UK. Using this machinery, we can mix and pump liquid screed on site. Our TransMix plant, which is only one of few in the UK, enables us to transport, mix and pump screed fully automatically, giving a much better quality mix than previously available when mixed on site and a higher level of accuracy as a result of its gravimetric system. Click on the link below to find out more.

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